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In this article you’ll find out what caused Matic Network’s pump and dump, and learn how to avoid falling victim to these kinds of crypto scams in the future.

It’s no secret crypto prices have been languishing lately.

But even in this market, there was still space for a $74 million pump and dump scam to play out within the top 100 this week.

If you read my “ why are crypto prices falling? “ feature, you’ll know that pump and dump scams are extremely common in crypto.

And the better crypto is doing the more pump and dump scams…

In this article you’ll find out what Ethereum’s hard fork to Istanbul means for Ethereum token holders, as well as what zero-knowledge proofs are and why they are changing the world. Plus all the latest on staking Ethereum.

Remember when computers used to run on MS-DOS?


How about Windows 95, or Windows 98?

Well, if you remember any of those operating systems, you’ll certainly remember when Windows XP took over.

The reason you’ll remember is because before Windows XP, computer operating systems (OS) were horrible.

Back in Windows 95 and 98 days, your computer would crash… a lot.


By Coin Confidential on Altcoin Academy

There is one simple reason why crypto prices are falling. And once you understand it, crypto investing — or any investing, for that matter — gets a whole lot easier.

With Swiss Stock Exchange SIX listing a Tezos ETP, we’re tantalisingly close to enjoying tax-free crypto gains. Plus: French and Chinese presidents eat VeChain product, Bakkt expands its custody service and Volvo turns to blockchain.

All I seem to be writing about recently is Tezos.

But I guess that’s because Tezos is making a whole lot of progress.

Hot on the heels of Coinbase’s Tezos staking announcement, Swiss Stock Exchange SIX has listed a Tezos ETP.

For those that don’t know, SIX is Switzerland’s main stock exchange. It’s like the London Stock Exchange for Switzerland.

And an ETP is simply…

The big day has finally come.

The flippening is upon us. But not in the way is was foretold.

If you’re not familiar with “the flippening”, don’t worry. The term hasn’t been popular in crypto for a while.

What it refers to is the day Ethereum overtakes Bitcoin in market cap, and becomes the world’s most valuable crypto.

Right now, that idea might seem laughable. But in 2017 and early 2018, it certainly wasn’t.

The flippening was a daily debate in most Ethereum communities. But that was before the crypto winter, and Bitcoin’s return to absolute dominance.

You can see…

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If you subscribe to Coin Confidential, you’ve probably noticed I’ve been a little quiet over the last few months.

But now, in the immortal words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, I’m back!

Or should that be, Bakkt?

Because since I’ve been away a lot has happened in the world of crypto. Far too much to, much to go Bakkt over entirely in this week’s update.

Enough Bakkt puns already? Okay, I’ll stop.

From now on, if you subscribe to, you can expect a weekly summary of the most interesting stories in crypto and 1–3 in-depth crypto articles every month.

These in-depth…

The year has started well for Bitcoin.

As I type, Bitcoin’s just topped $8,000 for the first time in 10 months. But it’s not so much the current price that’s got people excited… it’s what that price represents.

For the first time in a long time, optimism is back in crypto. People are talking about a new bull run, new all-time highs and what they plan to spend their profits on.

A couple of months ago — hell, a couple of weeks ago — the idea of Bitcoin besting its all-time high of near $20,000 would have been unthinkable. …

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